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Success Story – Tread

Tread recovering with his "cone of shame" on

Last week, we posted about a stray cat named Tread. Tread was brought into Jarrettville Vet Center with a crushed pelvis and a badly broken leg.

We asked the community for help in raising the $900 needed to help repair Treads leg instead of amputating it. Our request was heard and with your help, we were able to raise all the money Tread needed.

Tread had his surgery and his leg was repaired with pins and metal rods. He did great! He’s getting better each day and is about to have his staples removed. In a few weeks, the rods will come out too.

Together, not only did we manage to save Treads leg, but we also found him a family to call his own. After hearing Treads story, a wonderful family opened there home to Tread and are in the process of adopting him.

Everyone on Team No Kill Harford is grateful to be a small part of a very large community that cares so much for animals … even the animals that they may never meet.

Thank you to everyone that asked about Tread, sent kind words of support, and donated. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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Help Tread, Save His Leg!!

Help save Treads leg

Tread is a cat that came to us as a surrendered stray. He was hit by a car and has a shattered pelvis and multiple fractures that have all but destroyed his leg.

As a rescue with limited funds, amputation of Treads leg was discussed … but, through the generosity and compassion of the doctors at Jarrettsville Veterinary Center we have found an orthopedic surgeon that is willing to help us save Treads leg. Normally, the surgery required to save a leg this bad would be close to or even over $4,000. We have a doctor willing to do the surgery for $900!!!!! We just need to raise the money!

Tread is SUCH A LOVE and deserves any chance we can give him. Will you please help us help Tread keep his leg???

We need to raise $900 as soon as possible to save Treads leg. Any donations we receive over $900 will go to our FixHarford fund to help animals like Tread in the future.

At last count, we were almost 1/2 way there! Even $5 will go a long way towards helping Tread!!!!

[UPDATE: 3/10/2013: We’ve raised all funds to save Treads leg!! Thank you to everyone who donated!!]

Tread is going to need a home after he’s all healed from his surgery. Will you help this poor boy have a happy ending? Contact to inquire about Tread!






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Help Heal Pudders Paw

X-Ray of Pudders Smashed Paw

Sometimes, bad things happen to good people … and great cats. “Pudders” is a cat that was brought in to Jarrettsville Vet Center with a badly mangled paw. His parents, a senior couple living on a small fixed income, love Pudders very much. They take great care of Pudders and their 3 other cats (all rescues). When this accident happened, they knew that they had to help Pudders but had no idea if they’d be able to afford the care that he would need. They didn’t want to surrender him, they wanted to help him!

Our “Fix Harford” program was stared to help Harford County residents just like Pudder’s parents. We believe that the best place for a dog or cat is with the people that love him or her the most. When really good people need help with their four legged family members, we hope to be able to provide help and support.

Pudder’s is going to need surgery on his paw. We are starting a fundraising campaign to raise $300 in donations to our Fix Harford fund to help offset some of the cost of Pudders surgery. If you can contribute a couple of dollars to help Pudders, together we can help a great cat and a great family!

Pudders has a wonderful and loving future and we’re looking forward to getting him back to his family as soon as he is healed.



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Big Thank You!

Ravens Scrarf

We’d like to send a big thank you out to our volunteers that spent the last two months cutting, pinning, sewing, and promoting hand made Raven’s scarves to raise donations for No Kill Harford. Sandy, Melissa, JoEllen, Deb, and Lisa did an outstanding job and brought in a lot of donations to help our mission! Special thanks to husbands Wil and Mark for pitching in too!

We are blessed to have a wonderful group of amazing volunteers that work tirelessly to help the animals and families of our county. Thank you Team No Kill Harford!!!


Ravens Scrarf

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No Kill Harford Hero’s!


In mid January I got a random message from a cousin that said “My sisters friend wants to donate to No Kill Harford. Is there anything in particular you need?”  I responded with  huge thank you and a small list of items that No Kill Harford could really use to help the animals in foster care and Harford county pet owners in need of assistance.  A little while later I find out an event was created!! This random stranger to me, this person who just decided to do something, had created a drop off event for donations!!

Beautiful basket auctioned off for No Kill Harford

I didn’t know what to say, but was humbled and just so grateful!! The event happened to be on the same weekend as the World of Pets Expo at the Timonium Fair grounds, so it was too late of notice for me or my husband to attend even though we really wanted to.

The weekend came and went, and we got a phone call from Colleen Schmidt, the person behind the donation drop off even, it was a huge success! So much that she had a carload filled with donations and even some cash that the event had raised!!!  They even had a raffle basket!

We set a plan to meet up Sunday evening. When Colleen pulled into the driveway we had no idea how much this one small simple event had raised so much!! Colleen’s entire car was filled with over dog food, cat food, bleach , laundry soap, towels, blankets, dog clothing, laundry baskets and all sorts of other goodies. They even raised a little over $70 in cash!  We were blown away. As we unpacked snow had started to fall and it was truly a magical evening. Colleen had just decided to do something. She made a choice to help in her community, and the community rallied behind her. She even had printed out flyers of our adoptable animals and had them at the event as well.

A local skate shop in Bel Air, Skateology Board Shop, which is located at 139 Thomas Street,  had even opened their doors to host the event.

We chatted a bit and told her a bit about No Kill Harford and hope that she will continue to be a part of something very special.   Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough. She is a hero to us. A crusader of change to help bring into reality the mission of No Kill Harford.  Big Thank You’s to Colleen and everyone that helped with this event!

 Donations to No Kill Harford


In total they brought in:

Over 230 pounds of dry and canned dog food, over 120 pounds of dry and canned cat food,bags of towels and bedding, cat and dog collars, some leashes, dozens of cat and dog toys, multiple containers of laundry soap and bleach and even laundry baskets, dog clothing, pet carrier, and assorted grooming supplies

This is a community mission. It’s only through support, assistance and rallying for a great cause that the mission of saving lives of adoptable animals and feral cats can be reached. There are hero’s among us in our community. Everyday people, doing just that little bit more to make a difference. Come be a part of the lifesaving change in our community!!! Join us at our next No Kill Harford meeting!  Check us out at or on Facebook.

Our next meeting is Feb 9 at the Abingdon Library and starts at 1:30pm. Hope to see you there!!


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World of Pets Expo


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January Meeting

Due to unforeseen circumstances we are forced to cancel our January meeting that was scheduled for Saturday, January 5th 2013.

We apologize for the late notice and any inconvenience that this cancellation may have caused.

We will be back on schedule in February and look forward to seeing everyone who comes out.

Representatives from No Kill Harford will be at Baron’s K-9 Country Store in Bel Air tomorrow from 11am – 2pm. Please stop by and see us to learn more about our efforts to help Harford County pets and families.

Visit Baron’s Website to learn more about this wonderful local business.

Thank you for your understanding.


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Happy New Year Bird Bird!

Bird Bird is available for adoption

Bird Bird is available for adoptionNew Years Eve, 2012 … just as No Kill Harford was about to pop a couple of corks and celebrate an amazing first year rescuing animals and helping families in Harford County, the phone rang.

We had thought that we were done for the year.  We were making plans for all that we want to accomplish in 2013 and the new surrenders that would be coming in over the next few days. We were about to toast the 100+ animals that we were able to save this year with just a couple of volunteers and even fewer dollars.

As we reflected on the year and planned for the future we should have remembered the most important lesson that we learned in our first year … things never really go according to plan. Why we would expect New Years Eve be any different is a mystery.

“Bird Bird” is a male cockatiel who’s owner just passed away. He has no where to go and no rescues or shelters were picking up the phone, expect for us. We gladly took him in as our last surrender of 2012.

He is officially No Kill Harford’s first rescue bird. We will treat him just like we treat the kittens, cats, puppies, and dogs in our care … with love. He’ll be checked by a vet and fostered in a loving home until he is adopted.

Happy New Year Bird Bird … tonight we toast to you and your future. A future with a loving family to call your own.


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Meet Gurgle


Gurgle is a cute little kitten that was born to a feral mom. When she came to us she had a bad respiratory infection and sounded like she was ‘gurgling’ hence her name. She’s feeling much better now and with a little more socialization will soon be ready for adoption.


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Dog Found in Fallston

Found on 12/26/12 close to Mountain Road in Fallston

FOUND DOG – Found in Fallston close to Mountain Road. He’s an intact male, very scared, little underweight and shy but also sweet.

Please SHARE so that we can find this boys family. The more people that see it the better chance we have of finding his family. If you don’t know how to SHARE, now is a perfect time to learn!

He’s not micro chipped and the phone number on his tag has been disconnected. He’s been seen in this neighborhood in the past. His people may be originally from Baltimore City.

If you even THINK you know who’s dog this may be please email

UPDATE: This dog has been returned to his very loving family with an offer from No Kill Harford to help them get their dog neutered, vaccinated, and micro chipped!

Found on 12/26/12 close to Mountain Road in Fallston

Found on 12/26/12 close to Mountain Road in Fallston

This boy was found near Mountain Road in Fallston on 12/26/12

This boy was found near Mountain Road in Fallston on 12/26/12

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